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You should know that whenever a website owner sends an email promoting a new product, thousands of people get out of there. If any receiver marks the mail as spam, the email service provider will put the website on the blacklist.

On the other hand, if your regular site visitors have fallen to a great extent or even stopped, it is for this reason that the website has been blacklisted. If you are buying a domain, you will need to see if the domain is blacklisted.

There are some organizations which are engaged in running blacklist service on the Internet. They check if the web site is blacklisted with DNSBL or SURBL. Email service providers enlist the help of these services and eliminate spam before reaching the common user. In fact, DNSBL service providers use several criteria to list or change website addresses.

So, you must ensure that your website is not on the search engine’s blacklist. If your website is blacklisted, then it spells the end of the website on the internet. If any website is involved in spamming, then it will be blacklisted. 

If a website is suspected of hacking other websites, then it will be blacklisted. Even if the website is having links to unsuspected sites, it will get blacklisted. Moreover, any suspicious activity within your website related to content or links will get it blacklisted. Once the search engine blacklists a website, it will vanish from the Internet. 

A simple way to check whether a website exists on the list of blacklist website is by using the blacklist lookup tool by You simply need to know the IP address of your domain. You need to input the IP address and run the test. The tool will find out whether the website is on the DNBL list or not.