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Millions of websites are live and operational on the Internet. They are hosted and managed by web servers that are located all over the world.

To find A website and from where it is being hosted require a directory, without which it would be almost impossible to find websites. DNS stands for Domain Name System which is the largest digital database for Internet in the world. This database contains information of every website in the world. everyone.

Every machine on the website and on the Internet has an IP address which is a digital address. A website's domain name is stored with its IP Address in this database. The data files that tell a web server how the search browser responds to the request are known as DNS records.

DNS Syntax

The ‘A’ Syntax: It’s the most basic type of syntax in a DNS record. Here, ‘A’ stands for address and indicates the IP address of the website. 

The ‘AAAA’ record: It’s an IPV6 address and maps the hostname with a 128-bit IPV6 address. 

The ‘CNAME’ record: It stands for ‘conical name.’ It is used to associate subdomains with existing DNS records. 

The ‘NS’ record: It means the ‘name server.’ It indicates the server on which the domain resides. 

The ‘SRV’ record: It indicates which TCP service is being used by the domain. 

The ‘MX’ record: It stands for mail exchange. It is used for mail exchange servers. 

The ‘SOA’ record: It holds important information about the domain such as ‘when it was last updated’ and more. 

 The ‘PTR’ record: It’s a pointer record and maps an IPV4 address with the CNAME. 

The ‘TXT’ record: It allows the web administrator to insert any text in the record. 

What is the need to look at DNS records? 

The DNS records (of any website) hold important information for webmasters and SEO professionals. They contain details of any website. For example, you can know the IP address of a domain by looking at the DNS records of that domain. When you know the structure of the IP address, you can make out in which country the domain is being hosted. DNS records also tell about the addresses of any sub-domains that are linked with the domain. You come to know when the domain was last updated, what are the refresh rate, and plenty more information. 

You can even check your competitor’s DNS records and come to know where it is being hosted as well as other information about the website. All in all, DNS records prove very helpful to webmasters and SEO professionals when they need to set or manage a website. 

The “Find DNS Records” tool by Programminginfo helps you to find the DNS records of a domain easily and quickly. You come to know the environment in which the domain is operating as well as all the parameters that are associated with it.